‘Fantastic’ baby bottle warms in four mins

Experts in Denmark have developed a self-heating baby bottle


Frazzled mums desperate to give their tots warm milk when out-and-about could find the answer to their prayers in the shape of a self-heating bottle.


Named the Iiamo Go bottle it claims to warm liquids including milk in just four minutes – perfect for busy mums on the go.

Describing the baby bottle as a “great idea”, Karen Heath, from Practical Parenting and Pregnancy magazine said: “It’s fantastic for airport delays, planes, car journeys and even camping in the middle of a field.”

The bottle, which is Phthalates, BPA and PVC free, is made with disposable ‘heating’ cartridges, and is said to be able to warm fresh milk and milk formula to body temperature in minutes.

However, the cost of a stress-free shopping trip doesn’t come cheap. The Denmark-designed bottle will set mums in the UK back by £20.

The bottle are attractively designed and mums can choose from purple and white, or blue and green.


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