Favourite family car games revealed

Car full of bored kids? Cheer them up with these imaginative and easy-to-play travel games


‘Backseat Face Snap’ has been revealed as Britain’s favourite family car game. Parents were polled in a survey run by car manufacturer Saab, which has launched a campaign to bring quality family time to car journeys!


The campaign encourages parents to find interactive ways to keep their children happy on the move – hopefully avoiding endless repeats of “Are we nearly there yet?” It also means you don’t have to rely on bringing a suitcase full of travel toys.

So, this holiday season, if you haven’t played ‘Backseat Face Snap‘, here’s what you’re missing…

You’ll need at least two passengers in the backseats. Each has to think of four facial expressions together, such as sad, cross, surprised, horrified, etc. In a variation on ‘rock scissors paper’, they then cover their faces with their hands, choose one of the expressions and see which expression each is showing. If they have the same expression they have to shout “snap!”

If you need more inspiration to help beat the boredom on those long car journeys, here are other car games that families rated highly:

I Like Bananas!

Each family member has to take it in turns to say, “I like…” followed by something the same colour of the car they have just spotted. For example if you see a red car shout, “I like cherries”. The winner of the round is the person who is first to spot a yellow car and say, “I like bananas”.

Island Shipwreck

You and your passengers have to imagine you are stranded on a desert island and all you have are trees, plants, a fresh water stream and beach clothes.

Whenever a lorry drives by you have to pick one item from that lorry to have with you on your island and write it down. For example if you see a supermarket lorry, you could choose some food. At the end of the journey you should have a list of provisions to help you survive on the island.

If this isn’t challenging enough, maybe choose only items that will make this island a paradise or encourage your children to draw the island with all the provisions on it.

Traffic Bingo Game

Give every passenger a sheet with pictures or words in boxes of things you may pass on your car journey, such as windmills, post boxes etc. Throughout the journey, tick off each box when you see the item in it. The winner is the person with the most boxes ticked by the end of the journey.

Themed Alphabet Game

Pick any theme, such as countries, sweets, or animals. Work your way through the alphabet, taking it in turns to name something that belongs to your chosen theme that begins with each letter.

Guess Upon a Rainbow

Give your family a piece of paper showing all the colours of the rainbow on it. The colours can be in the form of spots, squares or lines. Each passenger then has to spot something on the journey that is one of the colours of the rainbow and begins with the same letter as the colour, for example you have to spot an item that is red and begins with R.

Once you have found items for every colour, in order to win you then have to find one item that has two of the colours of the rainbow in it. Want to make it more difficult? That item must begin with any letter from the word RAINBOW.

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