When celeb mum Katie Piper told us about the buggy-buying mistakes she made as a first-time mum, we couldn’t help but nod our heads in agreement and think: yep, we probs did that too.


No wonder making your own line of parenting products that fits what YOU want and need is so appealing to so many celebs, right? ???

Now radio star and TV presenter Fearne Cotton’s getting in on the action, and has launched her own kids’ clothing range, simply called Fearne.

Of course, being around all these products has got her thinking about shopping faux pas she made when she welcomed her 1st child, son Rex, who’s now 4.

And how she'd rectified them by time 2-year-old daughter Honey Krissy came along...

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1. Don’t overbuy – just stick to what’s necessary

“With Rex, I bought so many completely unnecessary things,” Fearne shared with us. “You overbuy the first time round and you end up thinking ‘what the hell is that for?’ and never use it.

“Or you’ll have a friend over going ‘ooh have you tried this app where they look at black and white pictures moving when they’re like 2 weeks old’ and you’re like ‘should I be doing that?’

“No, it’s absolutely pointless and ridiculous. But other parents around you influence you and you feel like you’re not doing your best so [with my] 2nd kid, I just kept it simple. Simplicity always.”

2. Do your research and find your hero products early

“The 2nd time round I knew exactly what I didn’t need and what I wanted, so all of the integral things.

“For me, it was having this thing called a Cocoona Baby, which is this thing they can sleep in until they’re 4 months - it’s a soft memory foam bed and you put them in it and they sort of just black out.

[Fearne puts on a bit of a rage voice ???] “Why didn’t I have that the first time round?! I was kicking myself about that one.”

3. Avoid ANYTHING fiddly, even if it looks nice

“It has to be wearable, as a parent you don’t have time to put your kids in clothes that are annoying or fiddly,” Fearne says, describing how she’s taken her own advice and applied it to her new range. “If it has actual buttons, you have to do them up.

“You might buy it and think it’s lovely, or someone buys it for you as a gift and it just sits there looking pretty, but it never gets worn, so wearability is the key thing.”

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Image: Instagram/Fearne Cotton

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