Fearne Cotton’s latest maternity look is a bit pants

We don't know how, but somehow gorgeous Fearne can even make men's boxers look good!


She’s one of the most stylish celebs around, with a cool, quirky look that’s entirely her own, and born out of rock chick and boho roots. And it’s fair to say, both those trends are loosely captured in Fearne Cotton’s latest Instagram pic!


The yummy-mummy – who announced she was pregnant again in February – shows off her gorgeous baby bump in what can only be described as an ‘interesting’ choice of attire: her husband’s gingham boxers and an Iron Maiden t-shirt! The look was accessorised with a cup of yogurt, and taken against a sofa-and-cushion backdrop.

Fearne captioned the fun snap: ‘Iron Maiden T shirt, husbands boxers, eating yogurt out of a tea cup’ along with the hashtag ‘sunday’.

Her followers were quick to react to her latest maternity ‘look’ with some snort-inducing comments:

‘That all seems ok till the boxer bit…why’, asked one, perhaps concerned as to whether said pants were a fresh pair from the drawer, or ones that had been ‘pre-loved’ the day before by her husband, Jesse Wood.

‘Beautiful view out of your window’, wrote another, obviously unable to actually address the sight of Fearne in pants in the foreground, while another showed concern about potential stalkers in Fearne’s back garden, writing: ‘Is it just me or is there a creepy figure in the archway outside your window!’

Then someone finally observed the thing everyone else had at first glance, but was either too jealous or too polite to point out: Fearne’s AMAZING baby-bod. ‘So pregnant but still no fat on bum or thighs!!!how lucky xx’, a fan wrote, no doubt gritting their teeth and wishing her a quick bout of dimpled flesh and stretchmarks with every keystroke. 

Our fave comment though was one we could ALL relate to, and totally agree with, a supportive: ‘I do that and I’m not even pregnant’.


(How great does Fearne look though – honestly, that woman could wear a bin bag as a maternity frock and still look the biz. Sickening!)

Photo: Fearne Cotton/Instagram 

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