Feeling stressed? Eat some chocolate, experts say

Treating yourself to 10 squares of dark chocolate a day will make you a more chilled mum


If you are having one of those days feeling like a stressed and anxious mum, reach for the chocolate and watch your worries fade away, scientists are suggesting.


A regular 10-square helping of the tasty brown stuff has been proven to rebalance chemicals in the body during times of high anxiety, according to a study by Dutch and Swiss scientists published by the American Chemical Society.

Eat 40 grams a day, for two weeks and you’ll apparently reduce stress and anxiety levels.


No longer a guilty pleasure, dark chocolate is being touted as the new super food, due to its anti-oxidant and health boosting qualities called flavinods. What’s better, it also reduces risk of heart disease and lowers blood pressure. That’s the kind of news we like to hear at MFM!


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