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First look at the new Dubatti One pushchair

A brand new buggy to hit the market in the UK, we wanted to see if the Dubatti One could rival the likes of Bugaboo and Joolz

You've probably not heard of Dubatti, but we're sure you'll be seeing more of the Dutch brand from now on. That's because it is one of the newest buggy makers to hit the UK market.


Refreshingly for a baby brand, Dubatti only make one thing; the One buggy, but it is one well-designed, luxurious pushchair.

Suitable from birth (with the carrycot) to 18kg (around 4 years), the One stroller can be customised to up to 500 different combinations. You can choose, mix and match and customise the frame, wheels, fabric for the seat unit, hood and bumper and handle bars.


Launching in the UK over the summer the One stroller has been designed to be a lightweight city stroller and sturdy all-terrain buggy in one.

It does this by giving the parents the option of using a different set of front wheels, the smaller, more traditional city wheels (pictured above) or the larger all-terrain ones (pictured below). It's worth noting only one set of wheels comes with the buggy, if you want the option to switch between both you'll have to pay and extra £155 for the second set of wheels.

When we at MadeForMums unpacked the One stroller and built it, the first thing we noticed were the unusual attachments for the all-terrain wheels.


Instead of clipping into the frame directly the larger wheels connect to the pushchair with an additional attachment, that gives the front of the pushchair added manoeuvrability.

What other stand-out features are on this pushchair?

We'd have to say the overall quality of the One stroller really makes it stand out from many on the market - as you may expect for a pushchair that's close to £1000!

It's made with light but sturdy aluminium, the wheels (although air-filled) are tough and the leather on the bumper bar and handle bars feels like actual leather, even though it's artificial.


If we had to guess, we'd say no expense has been spared on the fabric of the seat until and carrycot as well, as it's top-quality, durable fabric. Speaking of the carrycot, it has one of the thickest, most comfy looking mattresses we've come across in the buggy world, and we've come across hundreds!

Weight-wise it is 12kg, which is about average for a pushchair of it's kind, but when we tested it, we would have sworn it weighted no more than 9kg. Our Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams was able to pick and carry the buggy, by herself, up and down two flights of stairs, so it's safe to say it's deceptively light.

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Where the buggy does have some issues is around the width, it has a wide frame and you may struggle to get it through slim doorways and down a narrow aisle of a bus.


However, if you're a driver and rarely on public transport, it's worth noting that it's travel system compatible with some infant car seats.

If you look at this buggy and think the basket is limited, that's because it is, you may fit a few things, but it probably won't be everything you need when travelling with a new baby. However, you can get an additional XL shopping bag that fits to the back of the pushchair.

In another nice feature Dubatti have also added two hooks on the handle bar that'll allow you to hang its changing bag. It's something we all do, even though it's not recommended by most buggy makers.


Price-wise the One stroller starts at £895 and can go up to £1110, if you add the second set of wheels, car seat adaptor and shopping bag, so it does come with a hefty price tag. Available from August at Peppermint and Pram World, and you can find out more about this buggy from Dubatti.

But what do you think? Is this your next pushchair? Full review coming soon.


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