Five-a-day parenting checklist for mums and dads

Parents may be given a fruit-and-veg style checklist to ensure they’re parenting properly


Parents may soon be given a five-a-day checklist, in the style of the Government-backed fruit-and-veg campaign, to help them bring up their children. Proposals have been put forward to spell out to parents what they should do daily to encourage child development.


The proposal comes from think tank CentreForum, and has been welcomed by children’s minister Sarah Teather. Both have suggested Britain needs a parenting overhaul to improve the quality of our children’s early years and education.

Toy companies, baby books and baby food could also be drawen into the scheme to carry an official logo similar to the fruit and veg dietary campaign.

“Raising greater awareness of the importance of high quality parenting skills and building strong family relationships for children in the foundation years and beyond is invaluable,” explained Sarah. “I will be interested to hear the views on the report’s suggestion of a ‘five-a-day for child development’ as we take forward our ambitions.”

But the report accepts that the proposal may come under criticism for telling parents how to raise their children and pandering to a “nanny state”.

Do you think a 5-a-day checklist would change the way you parent?

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