Five-year-olds get into gambling debts

Children as young as 5 have been caught stealing to cover gambling debts … racked up by playing marbles


A game that children are referring to as ‘pits’ is resulting in children as young as 5 to steal from home to resolve their gambling debts.


The new game involves flipping marbles or coins into open water meter holes in the street.

In the past the bets would involve winning each other’s marbles, but modern children are now resorting to money or items of value, including DVDs and video games. Some children are racking up such big debts; they’re resorting to stealing from the family home.

Officers in Plymouth are going door-to-door to talk to parents about the problem.

“I am worried that people as young as 6 or 7 could be causing themselves unnecessary stress due to owing money,” said Police Community Support Officer Dan Amador, reports The Sun.

“If the money is not available to them, it could push them into shoplifting or fights,” added Dan.

Keep an eye on your DVD collections, mums and dads!

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