Flat Daddy cut-out for children with mums and dads at war

A life-sized poster that can be mounted onto card has been created to give comfort to children missing one of their parents in the military this Christmas


Some young children will be opening their Christmas presents with a parent missing, due to many serving with the armed forces. In light of this, the company Flat Daddies has come up with the idea of creating a life-sized poster of the absent parent so that the family can feel that they are there with them, reports the Daily Mail.


The two-dimensional poster, which can be mounted on card, wood or foam, is called a Flat Daddy or Flat Mummy. They’re created by American service woman Sergeant Barbara Claudel, who first thought of the idea when looking for ways to help families feel connected to their loved ones thousands of miles away.


As well as bringing comfort, it is also a great way to remind young babies of who their mum or dad is and also has psychological benefits, too.  “Experts believe the cut-outs are a useful psychological device, especially for children, to help cope with the stress of long absences. It helps the family stay connected and is a constant reminder that even though mum or dad is thousands of miles away, they are still a part of their lives,” the website Flat Daddies explains.

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