Flu jabs for children – update

Should you get your child vaccinated against flu – and are flu jabs running out?


Experts have advised parents that children should be vaccinated against flu – but only those who are in a ‘risk’ group. This includes children with asthma or breathing problems, leukaemia or other long-term health problems.


Parents of otherwise healthy children who would like to protect their little ones against the current flu bugs are not eligible to have the seasonal flu jab on the NHS. While some are willing to pay around £10-£15 to have the jab privately, it’s proving hard for some parents to arrange this.

While we reported earlier this week that many pharmacists aren’t able to give children injections, reports today reveal stocks of flu vaccines are starting to run low in some areas. Some health services are having to seek supplies from other parts of Europe.

There have been 39 flu-related deaths so far this winter, with four of those children under five. However, health experts stress that there’s no need to panic.


If your child is in the at risk group, you should visit your GP who will arrange a vaccine for you. If your normally healthy child is showing signs of flu, you’re also advised to visit or speak to your GP.

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