It goes without saying that it’s important to take care of your health and diet during your pregnancy, right?


But what happens when you’re expecting a little one - and you’re craving foods that are greasy, sugary and delicious?

Food blogger and TV presenter Eden Grinshpan (@edeneats), who’s currently 8 months along, appears to be in that place right now.

And she’s been satisfying those cravings in a very visual (and funny) way...

Check out a couple of her Instagram photoshoots below:

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"Working hard on that pregnancy bod ????????????#edeneatsfor2” she joked beside one of the pics.

"If you don't use your belly as a're doing it all wrong????"

“The baby made me do it!” she wrote on another.

Though we’d guess that some of these pics have an extra snack or two thrown in just for the LOL value… there’s nothing wrong with indulging a craving every once in a while ?

Even when we’re not pregnant, we still occasionally fantasise about finding ourselves surrounded by a pile of glazed doughnuts.

Hey, we're only human.

Mind, everything Eden’s been snapping lately looks pretty crave-worthy…

One thing’s for sure: writing this story has defs made us hungry ???

What did you crave?

Did you have a sweet tooth and a soft spot for junk food during your pregnancy? Or did you crave something fruity or green?

Perhaps you had a really weird craving you still can’t explain to this day?

We’d love to know what your cravings were over on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below!

Images: Instagram/Eden Grinshpan

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