Forgetful mums: poll results are in

New survey shows we really are a forgetful bunch. Could it be mumnesia?


According to a new survey of over 600 mums, 60% of us leave the house forgetting to put on our make-up, and 43% regularly head out and about without putting a comb through our hair.


And if you’ve ever reached the tills without your purse, you’re not alone, as 42% of mums admit to dashing out of the house without any money. A massive 62% of us forget baby wipes and spare nappies as we head out the door with our baby.

Conducted by Bepanthen, the survey results come as the nappy cream giant launches its new Bepanthen in a wipe to help busy mums claw back some much needed time.


Find out if you’re suffering from mumnesia, and why we get mummy brain.


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