Four-year-old girl gets head stuck in gate

Unfortunate Rachel Warren got her head wedged into an iron gate after trying to copy her pet dog


A four-year-old girl found herself stuck after trying to copy her pet dog by squeezing her head through an iron garden gate.


While her dog had perfected her head-sticking antics, it all went horribly wrong for little Rachel Warren. Rachel, from the West Midlands, watched her pet Rottweiler Tess push her head through the gate many times and she decided to do the same. However, her trick didn’t quite go to plan!

Her frantic parents had no luck trying to free Rachel’s head from the gates and had to call in the firefighters.

“I was just taking Rachel to nursery and she had her reins on,” Rachel’s mum Carlene explained. “She ran outside and was pretending to be a dog as she likes to do. I heard a noise, went outside and there she was – stuck.”

Carlene called the fire services and told Rachel, “Fireman Sam is on his way.” Rachel’s head was freed within minutes of the firefighters arriving with her shouting, “Here’s Fireman Sam!” and asking where the other characters were.

Rachel wasn’t injured and even got to sit on the fire engine afterwards!

Has your little one ever got their body parts stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be? Let us know below.

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