From pregnancy news to birth in just 5 hours

An American woman has given birth just five hours after discovering she was pregnant


A woman from Tennessee, USA, has given birth just five hours after being told she was pregnant, reports WSMV.


Amanda Prentice and her husband, Billy, are now parents to Allie McKinley Rose, who weighed 5lb 5oz at birth.

“I never felt [the baby] move. I wore the same clothes that I had worn for two years,” Amanda told WSMV.

Amanda was admitted to hospital after suffering from seizures. After falling unconscious for two days she woke up to be told she was pregnant.

“The doctor came in and said, ‘I’ve got good news and bad news’,” said Amanda. “He said, ‘Your blood pressure has skyrocketed here in the last few days, but you’ve got a baby’.”

“We had been trying for four years and didn’t think this was gonna happen,” Amanda said. “We had talked about adopting, and now we’ve got our miracle baby,” she added.

Amanda’s husband explained his surprise at becoming a dad so soon after the pregnancy was confirmed. “Five hours after they first told me she was pregnant, I was a dad. Where most people have eight or nine months, I have five hours,” Billy said.


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