Fun things to do with your child at home today

If it's raining and you're stuck inside, here are some great ideas to keep you all entertained…


If you have to take a day off work today due to the strike action and find yourself looking for things to do with your child, then check out some of these great activities and ideas you can do with your little one.


Get your toddler to do housework!
It’s amazing how much fun little ones think it is to use the vacuum cleaner, dustpan and brush or washing machine (oh, if they only knew!) OK, they may not be brilliant at it, but why not get your little one to help with the laundry by separating your whites from your coloureds.
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Create some jewellery
Painting pasta tubes and attaching them to string, your child will love the thought that they’ve created something special they can wear all day. Maybe you can make matching necklaces or bracelets?
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Turn cardboard into magic
A simple cardboard box can help your child become King of the Castle, throw a puppet show or make amazing musical instruments.
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Make a rocket, a hat or an indoor bowling alley – it’s easy, honest!
For older children, a loo roll tube and some foil, a strip of cardboard and some stickers, or some building bricks and a ball can create a world of fun. Find out how plus 37 other fun pre-schooler play ideas.

Put on your teaching hat
You can both have fun playing games together while helping your child learn to read. Choose from Cat & Car (where you go around spotting objects that start with the same sound), make snake shapes with the Hand game and learn some new teaching games.

Make some cakes
It may get messy, but cooking together is fantastic fun and your little one will love it. Try to let your child do little bits along the way (don’t take over too much) so best to use a fail-safe recipe – such as these brilliant chocolate brownies.

Discover what’s happening in your neighbourhood
There may be drop-in classes at your local library or a great museum or soft play area to visit. Find out what’s going on and where to go in your local area

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