Funniest family videos 2013

Our roundup of our favourite family-life vids from last year


Toddler Halloween costume sensation

A dad from the US created a brilliant Halloween costume for his daughter from LED lights and a bit of Velcro. He posted a video of her wearing it on YouTube – and it quickly went viral.


Best pregnancy announcement ever!

Sean Kreps knew that his mum was desperate to be a grandma. So, for her birthday, he and his wife sent her on a treasure hunt around the kitchen to find her present…


Pregnancy announcement rap video

An American couple, who had struggled to conceive, made a rap video to tell their friends and family that they’re expecting. Yes, a rap video.


Amazing trick-shot toddler

Meet Titus. He’s a toddler and he shoots hoops. And this video of him doing trick shots, was taken when he was between 18 and 24 months old.

He’s so good, we wondered if this video was a fake – but it’s not.


7-month-old baby dances ‘Gangnam Style’

Earlier last year, we saw a video of a 7-month-old baby dancing to the hit song Gangnam Style.

It seems fans of the hit song can’t get enough of this dancing baby with one person commenting, “Baby has more rhythm than I do” and another adding, “Well, my time was not wasted. I’m impressed!”


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