Giovanna Fletcher’s baby bump is too big for her coat

We've all totally done this


Being pregnant in deep winter is a right faff. You either cough up for a proper maternity coat or (like us) try and make do with your regular coat until the buttons are practically bursting and then make do with filling the gap with an oversized scarf.


Huff. I knew I should have bought a smart maternity coat months ago but now there’s not really much point so I guess I’ll just MAKE DO.

*Sigh* One day we’ll get the perfectly blow-dried matchy coat-dress Kate Middleton maternity look down but not today.

Anyway, it turns out Giovanna Fletcher (wife of that lovely McFly singer Tom) has the exact same problem.

Except she couldn’t even find her oversized scarf/snood thing so just had to totally WING IT by leaving the buttons open. And what? It’s a casual jacket. It’s not even that cold. BRRRRRR.

“When you don’t realise how cold it is and end up wearing a non-maternity coat that doesn’t fit,” she said, sharing this selfie.

She shared the selfie because she found her peekaboo bump mildly amusing. But then wanted to make it very clear that she didn’t think her outfit was all that stylish.

“Also, can I just point out that my whole outfit is an atrocious mix? Fashion icon in the making! Oh, and I would’ve taken a better photo but it seems this was all I could fit of me in one picture thanks to my bump. ?,” she added.

Aw, well as long as you’re warm and comfy Gi, what does it matter?

Meanwhile, her brother Mario Falcone (off of TOWIE) is getting pretty excited about meeting his new niece or nephew.

“Not long now!!!!! Niece/Nephew imminent ?,” Giovanna’s brother Mario wrote on Instagram, sharing this hands-on bump shot.

We wonder if she’ll have another boy or a girl? Not long to find out!

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