Girl gives birth aged 10

Romanian girl becomes one of world’s youngest mums


A Romanian girl has become one of the world’s youngest mums after giving birth aged 10 in southern Spain.


The girl, who hasn’t been named, gave birth naturally to a healthy baby weighing 6lb 6oz at a Spanish hospital.

Both the mum and her new baby are described as being in good health and have already been discharged from the hospital. Authorities are now debating whether to leave the baby in the 10-year-old’s care.

The girl’s mum, the new baby’s grandmother reportedly told staff at the Jerez Hospital in southern Spain that giving birth at a young age was common in their country. The dad is also believed to be a minor.


The 10-year-old joins Britain’s youngest mum, thought to be 12, and the youngest ever recorded mum, a 5-year-old girl in Peru back in 1939.

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