Girls born in 2011 eight times more likely to reach 100

New figures suggest that babies born this year are more likely to live to over 100 years of age


Given birth to a baby girl this year? Well, your daughter has over a one in three chance of living to 100 years of age. Boys born this year have a one in four chance.


“The dramatic speed at which life expectancy is changing means that we need to radically rethink our perceptions about our later lives,” said Pensions Minister Steve Webb.

“We will live longer and we will have to save more,” Steve added.

These figures were revealed by The Department for Work and Pension, based on the Office for National Statistics predictions, reports the Daily Mail.

Also, the popular myth that ‘the older you get, the sicker you get’ has been wiped out, with new population statistics showing that ageing allegedly stops at 93.

According to doctors a few years ago, stats like these suggest that not only are people meant to be living longer, but with better lifestyles, too.

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