GPs should ‘receive more baby training’ says report

New study suggests some doctors hold such a poor knowledge of paediatrics, they don’t know how to hold a baby properly


All GP’s should be given extra training in paediatric medicine, according to a new report into the quality of children’s services.


The study claimed that adults are often given priority over children when it comes to health requirements. It also suggests that heath care budgets should increase the time dedicated to the care for children.
“There needs to be an identification of the money that should be allocated to children from the total pot. Currently children don’t get a look-in because the needs of adults simply trump the needs of children,” said Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, who led the report.

Prof Sir Ian also said that GPs should be given training in the care of children and young people “as a matter of urgency”, as he’d been told by a doctor that “some GPs don’t even know how to hold a baby”.


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