Grandma with 3 weeks to live defies the odds to meet her great-great grandchild

"I just want to live long enough to see that baby girl," she told the family ❤️


Oh my goodness – how beautiful is this pic? It shows 92-year-old Jean Roper cuddling her gorgeous great-great grandchild Magnolia Jean ❤️❤️❤️


Prior to this precious moment, Jean was told she had just 3 weeks to live. She was being looked after by her pregnant great-granddaughter, Magnolia’s mum, right up until she gave birth at 36 weeks.

The image was captured by Magnolia’s auntie, Kayla Tracy, who shared it on Love What Matters, with the following words:

“My sister decided she would quit her job to take care of my great-grandmother. My sister was also pregnant at the time. She cared for our great-grandmother as long as she could before she went into labour at 36 weeks.

“My great-grandmother would tell her, ‘I just want to live long enough to see that baby girl.’ The day Magnolia Jean arrived, my great-grandmother was so excited! Especially since Magnolia is named after her, Jean Roper. 

“From that day on, my great-grandmother completely flipped. She was getting up on her own, fixing her and my great-grandfather breakfast, even doing chores around the house.

“She couldn’t wait until my sister came by with her brand new baby. Of course I showed up to document this moment as well. Since then, my great-grandmother has been doing very well! It’s been nine weeks passed the date she was given!

“My grandparents have created a huge family. They have seven great-grandchildren, 11 great-great grandchildren and one on the way. We all have grown up so close.”

Just. WOW.

We should also add that Jean celebrated her 75th wedding anniversary with her husband – and Kayla caught their celebrations on camera, too.


What an amazing lady – and what stunning photos. Thank you for sharing, Kayla ?

Images: Kayla Tracy Photograpy/Love What Matters

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