“Give your kids that 2nd story,” grieving dad tells parents

The father of Violet-Grace Youens took to Facebook to ask parents to cherish the moments they share with their children...


Not long after attending his 4-year-old daughter’s funeral, a grieving dad told parents to “cherish” the time they have with their little ones.


Glenn Youens’ little girl Violet-Grace was tragically killed in a hit-and-run at the end of March this year, and she was laid to rest just 2 days ago.

Pictures show the distraught mum and dad carrying their daughter in a light blue coffin, decorated with characters from the movie Trolls.

After the service, Glenn took to his Facebook page to share a photo of a floral memorial to Violet-Grace, alongside a status about the family’s grief.

In it, he made a touching plea to fellow parents everywhere:

“Today I’ve been talking to one of Violet’s school friends’ dads and he said to me ‘not to worry about what we never got to have with Violet and to cherish everything we did get to have with her’ and this is what we are going to do.

“We are asking you all now to do the same. To cherish the time you have with loved ones especially if you have kids.

“Give them that 2nd story, that extra 5 mins in the park or that 2 more minutes in the bath.

“We would do anything for 2 more minutes with Violet-Grace.”


It’s so unbelievably important to appreciate the moments we have with our kids, and all the little things we sometimes miss. 

We don’t have much to say, to be honest, as we reckon these words speak for themselves – other than we know we’ll do our best to follow this advice.

Thanks for sharing, Glenn ❤️

Images: Facebook/Glenn Youens

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