Gum disease can affect fertility, scientists claim

Doctors believe that gum disease delays the time it takes to get pregnant


If you’re trying to get pregnant, make sure you don’t have gum disease, researchers have warned. Periodontal disease, a gum infection, is believed to delay conception by 2 months, a fertility conference was told.


Doctors believe that inflammation, caused by oral bacteria, may have a knock-on effect on tissues in the reproductive system. The results show that it took women with gum disease just over 7 months to conceive, while women with healthy gums conceived in just 5 months. For non-Caucasian women, this increased to 1 year.

The study, from western Australia, looked at 3,416 pregnant women, who were mainly young and Asian. Factors such as smoking and body weight were taken into consideration.

“This is the first time gum disease has been identified among the factors that affect the chances of pregnancy,” said Roger Hart, a professor of reproductive medicine at the University of Western Australia.

Another symptom that could cause a delay in conception is obesity in women.

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