Huge congrats are in order, because Guy Pearce and Carice Van Houten have welcomed a baby boy! ???


48-year-old Guy, perhaps best known for his roles in Neighbours and the film Memento, announced the happy news on Twitter.

He even revealed the newborn’s name…

“A cute little package arrived and told us his name's Monte Pearce. We think we're gonna keep him. Placenta smoothie anyone? @caricevhouten” he wrote.

Hmm. What an unusual name. Wonder if the new parents were inspired by Guy’s 2002 film, The Count of Monte Cristo?

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We’re also wondering if the placenta smoothie line was a joke or not. We know some mums do want to eat the placenta afterwards...

Carice, 39, who Game Of Thrones fans will know as the Red Woman/Melisandre, responded to Guy’s tweet with a series of elated (and poop-related) emojis:


The A-list couple has been active on Twitter throughout Carice’s pregnancy, with Carice joking about the size of her (totally normal) baby bump.


“Almost don't fit the mirror anymore @TheGuyPearce…” she wrote.

The Dutch actress also revealed her mum’s been offering a helping ‘hand’ while she’s expecting…


“You know you're seriously pregnant when your mother starts buying you a 'grabber'” she captioned this shot.

(Hands up if you needed a grabber, too ✋✋✋)

Meanwhile, Guy (then a ‘dad-to-be’) was having a laugh about what it would be like when the baby actually arrived.

Alongside a series of seriously cute pics of Guy holding adorable baby animals, he asked his fans: “The baby will just be like one of these right?”


But Guy also opened up to his 12k followers in an emotional post about his late father, Stuart, who tragically passed away when Guy was just 8 years old.


“Aug 6 1976 - Dad never made it home from that test flight. A profound effect, only amplified as I await my own child,” he wrote alongside two black and white images.


Sending lots of love to the new parents.

Images: Twitter/Guy Pearce/Carice Van Houten, Instagram/Carice Van Houten

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