Early birthdays are the best - especially when your little one can tell you what they’d really like to have for their special day.


But sometimes their desires can be a bit random… to say the least!

And when Pink’s daughter Willow was celebrating turning 5… she apparently only had one - very particular - request.

A cake with Matt Damon’s face on!

Er… what? ?

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Turns out she’s a really, really big fan of Matt’s Oscar-nominated movie, The Martian.

“She loves it,” Pink revealed on Australian radio. “I thought it was great, but I don’t love it the way she loves it.

“She asked me if Matt Damon [could] come to the party. I think she has a little crush.”


Though he didn’t attend in the end, Pink definitely delivered for the big day with a Mars-shaped cake featuring a mini Matt Damon in a space suit for decoration (inspired by his The Martian character Mark Watney).


“Matt Damon made it after all,” she joked on Instagram, alongside the pic.

With an A+ taste in films at such a young age, and a mum as awesome as Pink, we’d say Willow’s next few birthday cakes are set to be even more Instagram-worthy.

Let’s hope Matt can make it to birthday number 6 ?

What did your little one want for their most recent birthday? Any unusual cake or celeb guest requests? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Images: Instagram/Pink

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