When you're getting the kids ready and bundled into the car for a day out, it can be so hard to remember everything you need to do, right?


Have you got enough snacks / drinks / entertainment to last the journey? And of course, most importantly, have you made sure your little one's properly belted into a car seat?

With soooo much to think of we can all totally be forgiven for not getting EVERYTHING right every time.

So we sympathise for the super-star singer Pink when she got something of a telling off from fans after posting this fab snap on Instagram of herself with her nearly-5-year-old daughter Willow.

But why were they so cross?

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It's because Willow's car seat has chest clips and they are in the wrong place: they should be higher up, level with her armpits. Instead they're down by her stomach.

While some of Pink's fans were perhaps a little forceful over the issue, others were a lot nicer but still got their point across.

One fan said: "Beautiful!!! For safety reasons please adjust car seat snap closure. It needs to be lifted higher."

Another agreed: "@pink my love, you need to put the chest strap of the car seat much higher (basically level with her armpits). Look into it. Won't take much force in a car crash to crush her organs. :( she's beautiful and precious, just like her mom.❤️"

Pink responded to the comments in a sort of playful (and ever so slightly sarcastic) way, saying:

"Car seat police - you're #1 in my book. I think we should set up a photo soon of Willow and I tied to the roof while@hartluck jumps over us on a motorcycle with no helmet and I misspell words and stuff my full face full of doughnuts.

Who wants to be the photographer? Trump maybe? Then we could publish it in the enquirer so everyone knows it's real. Good idea? Or no...."

Of course, no one knows the circumstances of Willow being in the seat - was Pink about to adjust it before they set off? Had Willow moved the clips down? There are a number of likely scenarios, aren't there?

Still - we do think this photo serves as a great reminder about the importance of car seat straps, and how you do need to check all those safety elements as much as you can before you head out.

Car seat clips are controversial - we have a great article on chest clip safety right here - but if you do use them, it's very important to position them correctly.

Oh, and by the by - hasn't Willow grown into a cutie?

Pictures: Pink/Instagram

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