Kim Kardashian’s car seat mistake is all too common

Kim's error is a useful safety reminder for all of us


Kim Kardashian has been criticised for the way she strapped her daughter in to her car seat. The pregnant mum-of-1 shared a picture of her 2-year-old daughter and her friend completely zonked out in the back of the car – but fans were quick to point out her safety blunder.


“All I can think about is those car seats… I really hope you were not driving with them buckled in like that,” one Instagram user commented.

Other comments included: “Has anyone ever taught you a thing or two about car seat safety?” and “Fix the straps on those babies, come on now”.

Loose straps are one of the most common causes of children’s injuries in cars. Kim’s mistake serves as a good reminder to adjust them every time your child gets in their car seat. Especially this time of year when they may be loosened to fit around a thick coat.

“Looking at the picture of the little girl on the right, it is clear that her chest clip is too low and her straps are too loose,” Jan James, chief of Good Egg Car Safety told the Huffington Post.

“If people feel that it’s ‘nit picking’ then they should take the time to see what catastrophic injuries can result from a simple loose harness. Every child has the right to be restrained safely and we are really pleased that so many people have responded to this.

“If the straps are loose, the seat doesn’t act in the way it’s designed to in a collision. Even if a parent is doing 30mph, the impact of that is such that a child could be catapulted out,” she added.

“I’m sure all the evidence shows Kim Kardashian adores her little girl, so it’s great parents have picked it up to raise awareness of something that parents don’t often recognise as an issue.

“We’re not pointing fingers, we’re just saying it isn’t safe and it’s in children’s rights to be protected.”

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