Half of parents will take children out of school for holidays

Mums and dads will take their children out of school for cheaper holidays abroad, according to survey


More than half of parents have admitted that they will take their children out of school to go on a summer holiday.  Holiday companies put prices up for flights and hotels during school breaks, causing mums and dads to book holidays during more affordable term times.


Out of the 1,000 parents surveyed, 52% said they would take children away during term time and 15% admitted they had already done so. This comes as we’ve already seen the price of holidays soar.

The high figures set to skip school come even after local authorities bought in a fines system in an attempt to stop children missing school for holidays.

Parents can receive a £100 fine for allowing their child to skip school and some authorities have been known to report the child to social services for truancy, even if parents have pre-warned the school of their intentions.

Have you taken your child out of school to go on holiday?

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