Victoria Beckham waited a long time to have a little girl in her life to share all things Posh (shoes, handbags, designer shades, bizarre dresses that only suit if you are a size 6...). So when little Harper revealed her less-than-girly career ambitions recently to her mum, Victoria joked it was like a "dagger through her heart".


Let's admit it - we all have some secret ideas in our heads about what we want our kids to be, don't we. Yes, of course happy and healthy tops the list, but hey, having them keep us in our old age thanks to their runaway success as a brain surgeon/scientist/next top model is kind of appealing, too, right?

AND it was surprising to hear that any daughter of the fashion conscious Vics, wouldn't be enthralled with the idea of posh frocks and runways. In actual fact, Harper seems to be more interested in footballs and muddy fields.

Talking to ABC's Good Morning America TV show in the midst of New York fashion week, clothes designer and mum-of-4 Victoria explained that Harper was very much one of the boys - and seemingly wants to stay that way.

"She's a tomboy, she has three brothers," the fashionista explained, before sharing the bombshell dropped by little Harper just days before:

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"She said to me the other day: 'Mummy I think I want to play football.' (It was) a dagger through the heart. I have three boys who want to play football, come on, let one of them want to be in fashion!"

Eek! Can you imagine? We know dad David has already bragged about his daughter's ball skills, but we had no idea she wanted to go pro!


Of course there was a certain amount of tongue in cheek here - well, about the dagger bit. Victoria quickly added that as well as practising her ball skills, little Harper was also a clothes-horse in the making and loved dressing up and playing with cosmetics:

"She loves fashion as all little girls do," Victoria said, "She loves putting make-up on and playing with my shoes."

Phew! Still, even if Harper does decide she wants to have a future as a pro footballer, mum may turn her fashion focus on Brooklyn who's interested in photography and of course, there's always Romeo who's modelling for Burberry.

And with a dad who models pants and fashion designer mum, perhaps a female footballer is just what they need in the house...

Pictures: Victoria Beckham/Instagram

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