Having books at home boosts children’s education

Study suggests just 20 books at home helps children do well at school


If you needed another excuse to curl up with a good family book this summer, a new study by Nevada University should do just the trick.


The study of more than 70,000 people over 27 countries found that children who grew up in homes with access to books do better at school.

The researchers reckon children who come from a ‘bookish’ home – housing 500 plus books – stay in education for roughly three years longer than those children who come from book-less homes.

“The results of this study indicate that getting some books into their homes is an inexpensive way that we can help children succeed,” said Dr Mariah Evans, associate professor of sociology. “Even a little bit goes a long way.”

But there’s no need to panic if you don’t have access to a whole library at home, the study also shows having just 20 books at home has a positive impact on children’s education.


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