Having trouble with your kid’s homework? You’re not alone!

Parents admit helping their children with homework leads to arguments at home as they struggle


Nearly a third of parents have admitted helping with their children’s homework has led to family arguments, a survey has found.


It polled 1000 parents in the UK, revealing 47% of mums and 39% of dads admit they find their children’s homework difficult. A quarter of the parents have admitted they never or rarely help with schoolwork at all.

Almost half of the parents find it hard to understand maths homework in particular, while 11% of parents admit they struggle with English. This seems to be having a knock-on effect on their kids, as over two thirds of parents have said their children lack confidence in maths and English.

Carey Anne Dodah, Head of Curriculum Development at Explore Learning, who led the study, believes that arguments start because parents feel frustrated and struggle to understand certain school subjects.

“Learning styles have changed over the years and for some parent the way homework is presented can be deemed confusing,” said Carey.

“Parents frequently get the complaint ‘but that’s not the way we do it at school’ when they try to help their child with their work,” Carey added.

Has your kids’ homework got your family rowing?

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