Having two children is better for your health

Two is better than one, a study has found – but only if you stop after the second!


Becoming a mum or dad reduces the risk of wealth and health risks, according to research. However, the benefits are only reaped if you become a parent twice.


The research by British and Norwegian researchers found that those who only had one child, or none at all, increased their chances of death in almost all conditions as opposed to those who had two children. The results, published in the Social Science and Medicine revealed that two was the optimum number when it comes to parents health.

Discovered after examining records of Norwegian men and woman born over a 33-year period, it was found that those with small families or childless, had a higher risk of alcohol abuse, accidents and heart disease. It was also revealed that parents with three children had mixed fortunes, meaning those with two children faring the most healthy all round.


However, there were some benefits for women with four children or more, with their risk of breast cancer reduced, the research discovered.

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