Health visitors to help new mums bond with babies

86% of mums say they didn't feel the 'new mum glow'


The Department of Health has today announced a pilot study to see how health visitors can help new mothers bond with their babies.


Part of the scheme will look at training health visitors on routine visits to a new mums to spot those who are feeling depressed about their body shape.

In separate research, “Reality of Parenting”, commissioned by Colief Infant Drops, 86 per cent of mums said they did not get the “new mum glow” and 52 per cent said they did not bond instantly with their baby. 53 per cent said they pretended they were coping better than they were, with 32 per cent feeling ashamed about how they were coping.

One in three mums said they thought they were suffering from post-natal depression, of which a fifth were undiagnosed.

Parenting psychologist Alison Knights said, “No-one feels 100% prepared for the arrival of a baby and the pressure of being a ‘natural mother’ can be unhelpful. It’s a learning curve and ‘good enough parenting’ is what helps babies thrive, so new mums should not be hard on themselves for not always getting it right.”

42 per cent of new mothers said they felt at their most alone with their newborn. Nearly half agreed more support is needed for new mothers.

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