Heartwarming story: This professor just became every new mum’s hero

A baby starts crying and interrupts a lecture. This is not how you'd expect the teacher to react...


You’re somewhere where your baby must, absolutely, totally be quiet and not start making a fuss. He’s in a fresh nappy, has just been fed and can’t possibly be overtired. And yet as soon as that bottom lip starts to wobble, you’re filled with dread. The embarrassment!


Of course, the sound of a baby crying is completely natural and most people are understanding. So you’ve got no reason to feel ashamed as you root through your bag for your keys to keep him distracted. But that doesn’t stop your tummy from lurching as the wails get louder…

So imagine how grateful this mum must have been when she got up to take her crying baby out of her lecture – when her professor stepped in. Taking the crying baby from her, he calmed him in an instant and just went on with his class – with baby in tow. What a hero!

One of the mum’s classmates was so impressed, he shared this picture to Imgur. “So one of the students came with her kid, because she didn’t have a babysitter,” he commented. “The kid starts to cry in the middle of the class, so his mom, all embarrassed gets up to leave, and the professor took the kid from her, calmed him and continued teaching.”

Would you have been grateful for the help? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Imgur

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