Sugababe Heidi’s bump reveal – and what she’s calling her baby

The singer opens up in her first Instagram bump update...


We love the Sugababes way more than a hole in the head ❤️


So there was an overload of joy here at MFM HQ when we found out that Heidi Range was expecting!

Approximately 4 months along, she and hubby Alex Partakis are due to meet their first little one in Jan 2018.

So, you could say she’s almost in the middle of her pregnancy ?

Now, 34-year-old Heidi’s showing off her pregnancy shape for the very first time, with a classic mirror-bump selfie.


Wearing a striped cream and black maxi – rather than a red dress – Heidi looked far from ugly, as she displayed her pregnancy tum.

“Pip’s (nickname) a popping!” she wrote beside the sweet snap.

Interesting that she’s given her bump a nickname, wouldn’t you agree?

Often, we find you can go round round in circles trying to decide on what your baby’s actual name will be, but choosing the bump’s nickname comes easy.

It’s like you simply push the button and it picks itself, you know?

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P.S. Did you spot all of the Sugababes song titles we’ve (not so) subtly hidden in this post?

Images: Instagram/Heidi Range

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