Helen Flanagan’s luxurious buggy pick – and Matilda’s doll pram to match!

Celeb mum-of-2 Helen Flanagan's got an extravagant and timeless pram for her baby Delilah Ruby. But it seems older sister Matilda really wanted one, too...


Helen Flanagan is thinking pink for baby no 2’s pram pick ?????


(Which seems to be something of a celeb trend at the mo – check out Tom Daley and hubby Dustin Lance Black’s magenta buggy for baby Robbie Ray).

27-year-old Helen revealed on Instagram she’s chosen the baby pink Silver Cross Kensington in Pink for 4-week-old daughter Delilah.

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We’ve never reviewed the Kensington, but we do know it features a detachable, hard-bottomed baby carriage and polished chrome chassis, which can be folded down.

You’d need a fair-sized car boot to get it in, though, and we also know it’s not car seat compatible, like many other Silver Cross strollers.

It is handmade in Yorkshire, though, and it just screams luxury (and has a luxury price tag of £1,250).

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It seems her eldest daughter, Matilda, approves, too: because she looks chuffed to bits to be stood next to her mum with an identical doll’s pram – the Silver Cross Chatsworth Doll’s Pram in Rose.

Helen’s buggy is no doubt an eye-catching statement – though one perhaps best suited for walks in the park, rather than day-in, day-out parenting.

Alas, Helen’s also posted that she has the Doona car seat/travel system (very possibly a freebie celeb perk) when she’s in need of a speedy getaway.

helen flanagan doona

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All in all, we totally LOVE the idea of matching grown-up prams to doll prams. Have you ever done this? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook!

Images: Instagram/Helen Flanagan

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