Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair's birth dates:

Helen Joyce Gabriel Flanagan, born 7 August 1990
Scott Andrew Sinclair, born 25 March 1989


Helen and Scott's child:

Matilda Jessica Sinclair, born 29 June 2015

Helen Flanagan's 2018 due date:

As of January 2018, Helen is pregnant with the couple's 2nd child. It's thought she's due in May 2018. She's definitely due around Spring 2018.

Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair's relationship timeline

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Helen Flanagan, who fans of Corrie will know as Rosie Webster, first started dating Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair in 2009. He was playing for Manchester City at the time.

And so, as the couple started to date, Helen earned WAG status. But she says she's always found the WAG title funny, and doesn't take it too seriously.

In 2013, rumours began to surface that she and Scott had split after 4 years together, but she said they simply weren't true.

Though, it seems their relationship has never been a walk in the park - which Helen herself admits is because she and Scott have completely different personalities.

She's quite outgoing, while Scott's more of a homebody (after footie training, anyway).

Speaking to the MailOnline, Helen shared: 'It's a struggle to get him off the laptop, to be honest. All he's doing at the moment is watching box sets! We're so different, it's a joke.

"[People] never see us together, but I can't get him off the couch after training. I try to get him to go out with me and he's like, "No, I'm tired".

"So we're very, very different people. He's very chilled and level-headed and I'm just not! We just get on each other's nerves sometimes, like everyone.

'Everything is fine with Scott. I understand that I put myself in the public eye and I get that, but I feel like it's my private business and Scott is a very private person.

"We're just like any normal couple, everyone has arguments and ups and downs or whatever. But the difference is, because I'm in the public eye it becomes this huge story and more than it actually is."

And though wedding bells weren't on the cards, Helen was definitely thinking about babies in 2013...

"I don't think I'm ready for marriage, but I've always wanted to have children," she confessed. "I always feel broody, I've been broody since I was about 18! I absolutely love children, I really really do."

Helen's 1st pregnancy

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Helen announced she was pregnant with her 1st child around Christmas 2014.

"Me and Scott are expecting our first baby in the summer. We are both so happy and so excited xxx" she tweeted.

Despite well wishes from fans, the next few pregnancy-related tweets from Helen weren't so excitable, as it was revealed she was suffering from morning sickness. Luckily, morning sickness typically only lasts the 1st trimester - and Helen also found a yummy cure for her nausea.

At 5 months along, she said goodbye to nausea and hello to a petite bump and some yummy food cravings. All she wanted to eat was Nandos!

At 6 months, the shape of Helen's growing bump convinced fans of old wives' tales that she was expecting a baby boy. Helen also admitted she had a feeling she knew what she was expecting, too.

She also noticed in her 3rd trimester just how thick her already long and glossy locks had become, though fellow mums warned her it wouldn't last.

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At 8 months, Helen and her bump rocked a pale yellow bodycon dress and a pair of wedges while out running errands. She also told fans she'd packed up her hospital bag, ready to go, just in case.

Then, it was time to shop! Helen was lusting after pretty girls' dresses in particular, admitting that though she thought she was having a boy, she was really hoping for a girl...

Helen also revealed the luxury first buggy she'd be using, around the 8-month mark. She assembled it herself, and shared a snap on her Instagram.

As her due date fast approached, Helen and her pals got together for a gender-neutral, bee-themed baby shower, given that she and Scott hadn't found out the sex.

On her due date, showing no signs of giving birth any time soon, Helen took to social media to share an incredible 9-month bump selfie.

Matilda Sinclair


Eleven days after her due date, Helen finally gave birth to a baby girl named Matilda Jessica Sinclair, on 29 June 2015.

She shared her 3-day birth story with OK! magazine, revealing that Matilda was in the back-to-back position, and that eventually, she had to be induced after her contractions stopped.

Helen and Scott also gave fans a sneak peek of their brand new baby girl, sharing pics from the hospital on social media.

We've seen loads of little Matilda out and about with mum and dad, since then.

helen flanagan


We saw Helen out with her buggy on the family's first trip to the park, we saw her switch buggies to the fuschia iCandy Raspberry and by the time Matilda hit the 3-month mark, we had dozens and dozens of adorable mum-daughter selfies.

As a toddler, Matilda loves snuggling with her mum, something Helen revealed when she admitted she still co-sleeps with Matilda at the age of 2.

'They're not young forever and it's quite special having them there,” she said. “[I'll stop when] she gets bigger and is kicking me in the night.”

Helen's 2nd pregnancy

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Helen and Scott revealed their 2nd pregnancy in an exclusive shoot with OK! magazine. We got the first glance at Helen's bump... which left Instagram fans stunned, as Helen had been quite coy about hiding it in her photos.

We haven't had an official due date from the couple, but we think she's due in May 2018.

Helen's suffered from morning sickness, again, in her 1st trimester. Fortunately, the nausea passed by the 10-week mark.

If Helen starts sharing bump updates, we'll be the first to let you know!

Images: Instagram/Helen Flanagan

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