Louise Redknapp's birth date:

Louise Elizabeth Redknapp (nee Nurding), born 4 November 1974


Jamie Redknapp's birth date:

Jamie Frank Redknapp, born 25 June 1973

Louise and Jamie's children:

louise and boys

Charles 'Charley' William Redknapp, 27 July 2004
Beau Henry Redknapp, born 10 November 2008

How did Louise and Jamie meet?

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jamie and louise

Louise was riding high in the charts with her girlband Eternal, when pal Robbie Williams introduced to her to young football star Jamie.

The couple didn't make things official at first, according to The Sun. She reportedly said of their friendship: “He was a young, good-looking footballer. I wasn’t stupid and that’s most probably why I didn’t go out with him for so long.”

Of course, the couple didn't stay 'just friends' forever...

Louise and Jamie's wedding

louise redknapp

In June 1998, Louise and Jamie got engaged - and married - in the space of a week!

Jamie popped the question on a couple's holiday to Bermuda, and opting for something small and private, they married right there just a few days later.

Charles William Redknapp


Charles Redknapp was born on 27 July 2004. He was nicknamed Charley by his parents.

Louise once told Hello! that 11-year-old Charley was becoming a "really good rugby player, actually", instead of taking after his dad's footie skills.

"Charley goes to his next school in September, but he's huge.

louise charley

"He's nearly as big as his dad with size nine shoes, so he's turning into a man before my very eyes," she continued.

"He's becoming very interested in fashion and trends in a fun way, he's finding his feet and showing lots of interest in girls. He's becoming really his own person, which is lovely and great to see."

Ah, those pre-teen years!

Beau Henry Redknapp

louise redknapp

Louise announced the birth of her 2nd child on her personal website.

"Our second little boy was born yesterday afternoon and we are all thrilled," she wrote.

"He’s absolutely adorable. We’re still deciding on a name but we’ll let you know as soon we’ve picked one. Thank you for all your messages of support."

Yep, baby Beau Henry was born on 10 November 2008 at London’s Portland Hospital.

‘We chose the name Henry as a tribute to Jamie’s father,’ she shared. Allegedly, Beau's first name was inspired by his birthplace, Bow, in London.

We don't know much about the boys, though Louise did reveal that then 8-year-old Beau was starting to share some of his dad's footie talent...


"I think secretly they'd both like to do a little bit more performance-led things, but because they're boys and sport is such a huge part of [Jamie's and my] life I think they just naturally go down that route," she confessed. "[Beau] is a very keen footballer.

"It's so nice for him because it takes some of the pressure off. It's hard for the boys - people want them to be amazing footballers but just because their dad does something doesn't mean they want to do the same.

"Although right now the young one's definitely taking after his dad."

He's even been signed to Chelsea!

Louise on Strictly Come Dancing

louise on strictly

In 2016, Louise, who'd been for the most part a stay-at-home mum since 2004, burst back onto screens in the BBC ballroom dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing.

Her partner was Kevin Clifton, and they came second place.

Louise on the reality of motherhood

louise reality motherhood

Louise has spoken openly about her day-to-day life as a mum in the past, but it was her post-Strictly revelations that struck a chord with mums everywhere.

Battling rumours that her marriage to Jamie was under stress following the so-called Strictly curse, Louise opened up in an interview with Stella magazine, saying she felt like she'd lost herself after becoming a mum.

"I have spent most of my life pleasing everyone else, worrying about being judged and thinking I should always do the right thing by staying at home, looking after my kids and my husband. I lost myself," she admitted to the mag.

"I’d think of my past life as a pop star as being “not reality”. Looking after the house and my family was my reality. I became a sort of Stepford Wife, wanting to be perfect at it...

"I didn’t want to continue running around after everyone else, and occasionally promoting a yoghurt or doing a little TV presenting job.

"I wanted to sing, I wanted to perform... And that is when the s*** hit the fan."

She continued: "I think this happens to a lot of women when they get married and have children. You have this feeling deep inside you, ‘Where did I go?’ But I pushed those thoughts away.”

"[Strictly was] the first selfish thing I’d done since my kids were born… I’d been asked to do it before but always said no because I’ve never missed one of the kids’ matches, carol services, pick-ups, drop-offs or assemblies, as well as always being there to give them their dinner,” she revealed.

"A friend of mine persuaded me to do it and - in a really shallow way - I thought it would help me lose a bit of weight. Jamie agreed it would be a nice thing for me to do.”

Louise and Jamie's divorce

louise sunday hat

Jamie and Louise confirmed their split in October 2017. Louise was the one to move out of the family home.

After 19 years of marriage, on 29 December 2017, Louise and Jamie had officially divorced at London's Central Family Court.

Jamie's 'unreasonable behaviour' was cited as the reason, according to court docs obtained by the MailOnline. Jamie didn't contest the decision.

Neither Louise nor Jamie has made any sort of statement on their divorce.

We hope they're all doing OK, and we really hope it's as easy a transition as possible for 13-year-old Charley and 9-year-old Beau ?

Images: Instagram/Louise Redknapp

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