Wayne and Coleen's vital stats:

  • Wayne Mark Rooney, born 24 October 1985
  • Coleen Mary Rooney (nee McLoughlin), born 3 April 1986

Wayne and Coleen's children:

  • Kai Wayne Rooney, born 2 November 2009
  • Klay Anthony Rooney, born 21 May 2013
  • Kit Joseph Rooney, born 24 January 2016
  • Cass Mac Rooney, born 15 fFebruary 2018

How Coleen Rooney met Wayne

Childhood sweethearts from the age of 12 when they met at school in Croxteth, Liverpool, Coleen and Wayne began their relationship way before the fame and fortune came along.

Coleen and Wayne married in 2008 after dating for 6 years. With no expenses spared, they wed in a lavish ceremony in Portofino, Italy.

It's rumoured that Wayne and Coleen received a hefty £2.8 million for their wedding pictures.

Coleen's 1st pregnancy

In April 2009, after weeks of hinting and speculation, Coleen announced that she was pregnant with her and Wayne's 1st baby together. After dropping clues in her weekly OK! magazine column, she confirmed the baby news to her readers.

"It's true - I'm pregnant. It's the most brilliant news and along with marrying Wayne, the best thing that's ever happened to me," Coleen said in her column.

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The pregnancy came as a relief to Coleen, as she previously admitted she was worried she'd have problems conceiving, after her parents Colette and Tony spent 7 years trying to conceive Coleen. "I was concerned that it might take me a while to fall pregnant, but luckily I didn't struggle and couldn't be happier," she said.

Coleen also previously admitted that she would've considered adoption if she couldn't conceive. "Adoption does appeal to me because my little sister is adopted."

Coleen and Wayne decided to keep the sex of their unborn baby a surprise and said that "we really don't mind, as long as he or she is healthy." They even bought everything neutral and only splurged on white babygro's before they met their baby.

Along with her beloved Christian Louboutin heels, Coleen refused to give up her sunshine holidays and took her family and baby bump on an array of exotic getaways before her baby was born.

"People always ask me how I dealt with the hot sun during my pregnancy, but I felt absolutely fine and thought the sun did me good," Coleen said at the time.

Pregnancy weight and cravings

As many (if not most) of us do, Coleen put on weight during her pregnancy, but wasn't bothered by it at all. Determined not to shed the weight as soon as she'd given birth, Coleen went to the gym during her pregnancy but lightened the load with gentle exercises.

Although Coleen didn't have any pregnancy cravings, she did have the urge to eat lots of sugar, in the form of chocolate Curly Wurlys and M&Ms!

"Coleen's very level-headed and understands that when a craving comes, it's her baby's way of telling her it needs sugar or salt," a source said at the time.

As well as lack of cravings, Coleen also avoided morning sickness and swollen ankles! "I never had any sickness or swollen, sore feet - I was lucky and loved every minute of it!"

Despite Coleen having a smooth pregnancy, she admitted that she wasn't sure if she'd have another so soon, even though Wayne would disagree. "Wayne would probably want me to have another on straight away but it's not him having it! I would like 3, maybe 4 children, but we'll have to see how the first one goes!"

However, they were both really excited to become parents for the 1st time, so much so, they even held a 4D ultrasound party for friends! A sonographer set up the machine and carried out a 30-minute scan of the baby in full view of everyone.

Kai Rooney

Coleen gave birth to their first baby, a son named Kai, on 2 November 2009, at the Liverpool Women's Hospital. Wayne was by her side at the birth and their baby boy weighed 8lb 2oz. Coleen was praised for snubbing a celebrity mums' favourite for a NHS-run hospital in Liverpool.

Although Coleen insisted that she wasn't bothered about her baby weight gain, she enlisted a personal trainer for her post-birth fitness plan, but said she was going to take it slowly. 10 days after she gave birth, Coleen was spotted looking fabulous at a Beyonce concert.

Kai Rooney was 1st spotted during a trip to see his dad play football, with him donning a bespoke Manchester United football shirt with 'Daddy' emblazoned on the back. The couple snubbed a £1million magazine deal for the first pictures of Kai.

Marriage in turmoil

In September 2010, Coleen and Wayne's relationship was put into turmoil when it was revealed that Wayne had an affair with a prostitute. It allegedly happened at the same time Coleen was pregnant with son Kai.

Although Coleen was said to have been "heartbroken", the couple stayed together.

Coleen's 2nd pregnancy

Coleen announced she was pregnant with her 2nd child in October 2012. “A few people guessed, so news is out ha!! Me, Wayne and Kai are thrilled that we are expecting a new addition to our family around May time," she tweeted at the time.

In December, a very excited Coleen tweeted that she was expecting another boy.

Klay Rooney

Coleen gave birth to Klay in the early hours of 21 May, 2013. "At 2.11am our Beautiful Son .... Klay Anthony Rooney entered the world. He weighed 7Ib 11.1/2 oz. We're all so happy and doing well," she tweeted alongside the 1st picture of her newborn with his family.

The name Klay is an unusual spelling of the American name Clay, which is said to mean 'mortal', and is a shortened form of the name Clayton. With sons Klay and Kai, it looks like the Rooneys are sticking to a 'K' theme for their children.

Brotherly love

When Klay was just 2-months-old, the mum-of-2 shared a picture of him with his older brother Kai enjoying a nap in matching pyjamas.

The brothers also enjoyed a holiday to Barbados with their mum just 2 months later. On the beach holiday, Kai got busy making sandcastles while his younger brother looked on from his mum's lap.

Growing up fast

When Klay turned 1 in May 2014, Coleen celebrated with a mountain of presents for her son. "Can't believe my baby is 1 tomorrow!!! Time goes TOO quick!!" she tweeted at the time alongside a picture of his pile of presents.

In pride of place next to Klay's pressies was an amazing Peppa Pig cake, with Peppa Pig's family in a dinky red cake car, pulling a cake behind it.

Talk about going all out!

Future family plans

The then mum-of-2 made no secret of plans to extend her brood and revealed that she wants a girl to "complete the family".

"I think a girl would complete the family but because the boys get on so well, another boy would be just as nice," she said. "But at the moment life’s good. It’s busy but I’m enjoying it."

Coleen's 3rd pregnancy

In late 2015, Coleen revealed she was pregnant again! She also said she wouldn't be finding out the baby's sex, instead waiting for a surprise.

Kit Rooney

On 24 January 2016, Colleen and Wayne did indeed welcome another member to their brood - a baby boy named Kit Joseph, weighing 8lb 1oz.

Colleen shared the news in an announcement tweet. Aw!

"We are all over the moon," it read.

Coleen's 4th pregnancy

Coleen announced her pregnancy on Friday 18 August 2017, after much speculation.

She didn't share much about the pregnancy, other than the fact she'd had her 1st scans and checks, and they all went fine...

Cass Mac Rooney

On 15 February 2018, Coleen announced that she and Wayne had welcomed another baby boy, this time called Cass.

Interestingly, the couple didn't use a 'K' name for their fourth son, though Cass does use the same 'K' sound!

Here's a couple pics of Cass taken towards the end of 2018. Isn't he a cutie?

Family of 6!

Coleen's always sharing family snaps on her Instagram page. Here are a few of our faves...

Images: Twitter/Instagram/Coleen Rooney

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