Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley’s vital stats:

Samantha Faiers, born 31 December 1990
Paul Knightley, unknown birth date


Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley’s children:

Paul Tony Knightley, born 29 December 2015
Rosie Elizabeth Knightley, born 11 November 2017

How did Sam and Paul meet?

The Only Way Is Essex’s breakout star Samantha Faiers met her now-boyfriend in October 2014, not long after splitting up with her reality show co-star Joey Essex.

Sam and Paul met in the famous Sheesh restaurant in Chigwell, Essex, UK. They soon began a relationship.

Despite Sam’s star status and huge social media following, Paul’s not said to be keen on the limelight, and shuns public social media accounts.

Sam’s 1st pregnancy

preg announcement

5 months into her relationship with Paul, Sam realised she was pregnant.

She confirmed her happy news on Instagram with a glossy selfie of her and Paul, cheekily captioned with a baby emoji and a heart ??❤️

She documented her bump on Instagram, too. We loved this beach pic which shows her at 35 weeks along.

Paul Tony Knightley Jr

paul tony knightley jr

On 29 December 2015, Sam and Paul welcomed their son, Paul, into the world. She also revealed

The Baby Diaries, controversies and beyond

sam and paul

Since his birth, it’s no secret that baby Paul has become something of a social media star.

He’s also in the reality TV game already, appearing on Sam’s parenting-focused ITV shows The Baby Diaries and The Mummy Diaries.

Her reality shows have not been without their controversial moments, though. Boyfriend Paul faced backlash from viewers after he was shown kissing his mum on the lips affectionately during an episode of The Baby Diaries.

Even Sam’s experienced parent-shaming by social media trolls on several occasions: over a picture of her breastfeeding AND this picture of baby Paul and Sam’s niece Nelly on a boat.

But that hasn't stopped both Sam and baby Paul from becoming a style inspiration to mother-son duos. Even her buggy choice was of interest (and it was a good one, too).

In October 2016, Sam won praise from parents everywhere after breastfeeding Paul live on This Morning.

Later in October 2016, 10-month-old Paul was teething, and Sam admitted she felt totally helpless.

In December 2016, Sam released a parenting book called My Baby & Me, all about her experiences as a mum.

Sam's 2nd pregnancy

sam faiers nearly due

In early 2017, Sam revealed she was expecting her 2nd child.

She took to Instagram to share a few few bump updates during her pregnancy, including this fab 6-month snap and her nearly-due bump here.

Rosie Elizabeth Knightley

rosie knightley

On 11 November 2017, Sam gave birth to the couple's 2nd child, a baby girl. Sam took over a month to decide on her new daughter's name, eventually settling on Rosie.

In November 2018, Sam publicly revealed that Rosie and her shared the same middle name, Elizabeth.

No doubt Rosie's a little cutie, and the absolute double of her older brother!

Sam and Paul's family album...

paul tony knightley jr

sam rosie and paul

sam faiers and rosie

paul and rosie knightley

paul and dad paul knightley

rosie and paul knightley

sam faiers and rosie knightley

Images: Instagram/Sam Faiers

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