It would appear that former TOWIE star Sam Faiers has come under attack - again - when she shared a photo of her 6-month-old son Paul and niece Nelly ‘driving’ a boat on a recent sunny holiday.


Some commenters were quick to assume that the children were without suncream, hats or lifejackets.

“Ouchy shoulders.... sun cream and hats! ?☀” one user wrote.

Someone else added: “Please put life jackets on these children!”

“Amazing that your children get these experiences! But life jackets, sun cream and sun hats would make this picture even more amazing! Beaut kids, protect them X” said another.

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We hope Sam’s learnt to brush off the negative comments, but ‘parent-shaming’ like this happens to many of us – whether we have 100 or 1 million Instagram followers.

Unless it’s explicitly obvious that something’s wrong with a child, you need a lot more context than just one snapshot before you can pass a judgement, as many of Sam’s loyal fans were quick to point out.

One asked: “How do you know them kids haven't got suncream on - and have you tried to keep a hat on a toddler?? When I go away not once has my baby wore a hat because she won't keep it on.”

“Omg perfect parents are out!!! Get a grip!!!! Kids don’t keep hats on - maybe just maybe she was sat in shade all day but for the picture 2 seconds she wasn’t,” one disgruntled mum wrote.

“Perhaps they took the life jackets off for the purpose of a photo and they went straight back on… Maybe they took their hats off for a moment for the purpose of a picture…” another suggested.

(For argument’s sake, you can clearly see that little Paul is being held up by an adult for his captain’s pose.

Another photo from the same trip, taken previously, shows Paul wearing a hat - and there’s no evidence that the boat is even moving.)

Yeah, we all know that sun safety is important, especially when in a hot, sunny climate.

But every parent is different and does what they think is best at the time.

Here at MFM HQ, we’re starting to worry some people are becoming a bit too obsessive with comments like these, meaning we feel like we should pre-emptively defend ourselves.

We recently saw one parent post a picture on Facebook of their kids in a car, with a disclaimer noting that the car isn’t moving.

We say: You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t judge a mum by one photo.

Let's hope Sam and the kids enjoyed the rest of their holiday.

Images: Instagram/Sam Faiers

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