Taking a break from a sun-soaked photoshoot abroad to breastfeed her son Paul, Sam Faiers couldn't resist sharing this pic of: "Me & my bubba ❤️"


And if we looked that glamorous breastfeeding – white dress and Aviators on a sun lounger, no less! – we'd be doing some pic-sharing too!

The photo quickly clocked up over 45,000 likes, but it wasn't long before some people started slating Sam for breastfeeding in public and sharing a picture with her 1.5m followers. Yep, it's clearly still a thing some people just can't stand.

Sam's fans were quick to back The Only Way Is Essex star up, though.

"Breastfeeding in public should not be something frowned upon." said one of them. "Why should we have to feed our children in private just because you don't approve of seeing part of a breast? It's ridiculous!"

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Another responded to comments that Sam should only breastfeed in private by saying: "You say it's great but don't want to see it public? That's exactly why women feel hide themselves in public toilets etc... and they shouldn't! I suggest you hide yourself and allow a mother to feed her baby in peace!"


Obviously, not all mums choose to breastfeed – and some who really want to just find they can't – but Sam's fan who do or did breastfeed were quick to thank her for being a "fantastic example".

One, in particular, wished she had been as "brave" as Sam: "Beautiful, wish I could have been as brave as you. Everyone always has something to say and it got the better of me xxxxxxxx ???"

Sam herself hasn't responded to any of the 1.7k comments. "Good on ya Sam – and ignore the haters," one fan commented, noting Sam's silence.

We think it's a beautiful pic. And we definitely agree with the fan who pointed out that she "NEVER looked liked this when breastfeeding ??"

Photos: Instagram / Sam Faiers

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