Helena Bonham Carter reveals parent classes have tamed Tim Burton

Child relationship lessons have brought Helena Bonham Carter and her husband closer to their children, Billy Ray and Nell.

The King’s Speech star, Helena Bonham Carter, and her director husband, Tim Burton, have been attending child relationship lessons, reports the Daily Telegraph.


The couple employed the help of childcare guru Noel Janis-Norton to help them manage their 7-year-old son Billy Ray and 3-year-old daughter Nell.

Helena confessed that being a parent was “much harder than acting”. However, the seven-week course and private lessons from Noel Janis-Norton have worked wonders for the celebrity couple.

“It helped me tremendously with the kiddies and I also found it invaluable in dealing with Tim. It’s terrific, he’s a changed man.” Helena explained in a recent interview with The Daily Mail. Helena claims she will “probably live 10 years longer” thanks to the classes, as well as having a better relationship with both her husband and her children.


Noel has been praising Helena in return, telling the London Evening Standard, “She’s absolutely delightful to work with, very open, lots of fun and her children are very sweet.”

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