Help soothe your child’s fear of swine flu

Are your kids worried about swine flu? This video by BrainPOP UK might do the trick.


As fears of the potentially deadly flu continues to hit the headlines, there is a big chance that your children will pick up on it and may feel worried about catching the virus.


Simplifying something which has been deemed a ‘global pandemic’ isn’t an easy task but the clever creators of BrainPOP UK have come up with something that is fun, informative and engaging – well worth showing your anxious children.

Tim and Moby – an apprehensive robot and geeky student, explain the outbreak, tell your child all about how the flu started, describe the symptoms and dispel any rumours (you can’t get it from eating bacon!) in a way that’s not scary.


Take a look at the clip and let us know if you found it useful and if you would be happy showing your kids…


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