He’s only 12 but Romeo Beckham’s starring in Christmas TV ad: VIDEO

Victoria and David Beckham’s second son takes lead role in British fashion house’s Christmas campaign


We’ve just had our first overly-sentimental festive feeling of the year. And this year it’s not John Lewis’s The Bear and The Hare that’s choked us up. It’s Victoria and David Beckham’s second son Romeo who has completely charmed us.


The 12-year-old plays cupid in the glitzy snow-sprinkled Burberry ad, delivering the gift of love to a young couple. Now we know what you’re thinking – pass the sick bucket.

But something about Romeo’s cheeky chap routine has got us feeling cosy. And at 12, he’s just at that age when most boys start to feel really self-conscious. But he doesn’t stop at modelling – he dances too!

Oh yes, in the video he delivers a series of dance moves and we reckon he takes after his mum, who studied dance before joining the Spice Girls.


And that’s not the only thing he’s inherited from Posh Spice. We think he looks the spitting image of her in these shots. Just look at those cheekbones, not to mention the pout.

Romeo’s first turn in the Burberry spotlight came 2 years ago when he starred in the brand’s spring/summer 2013 print campaign at the tender age of 10.

But now he’s back in his checked scarf and trench coat for the campaign titled ‘From London with Love’.

“It continues to be an utter joy working with Romeo,” said Burberry’s CEO Christopher Bailey. “He has charm, style and great energy! I’m delighted that he’s the lead role in our festive campaign.”

Watch the video for yourself below and let us know what you think!

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