High-fiving lollipop man quits

Plymouth lollipop man resigns after being threatened with suspension for high-fiving children


A lollipop man has resigned after being taken to task by his employers for high-fiving the schoolchildren who use his crossing.


Bob Slade, 65, who helped children cross a road by Mandon Primary School, Plymouth, says he was threatened with four-week suspension by Plymouth City Council following “safety concerns”. 

A spokesperson at the council said that school-crossing patrols should have “their full attention.. on the road and they must watch the traffic closely at all times”.

Shocked parents at Manadon School have come out in support of Mr Slade. Parent Barbara Laws says Bob’s high-fiving actions were “not dangerous. He had his hand out anyway to hold back the traffic and, as the children crossed they would pat the hand that he was holding out. I think, if you spoke to any of the parents, they wouldn’t think it was dangerous; if we had, we would have asked him to stop.”

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