Hilary Duff admits motherhood is a “fine balance”

New mum Hilary reveals 5-week-old Luca is a wonderful baby but says after week one, the fatigue hits


Celebrity mum Hilary Duff has gushed about everything from photos of baby Luca to keeping his belly button. Now Hilary’s revealed the fatigue is catching up with her.


“The first week I was like, I’m doing this, I’m good. I can not sleep. I can do this. Then it hits you – the fatigue,” Hilary told People magazine. And while Hilary describes Luca as a “wonderful baby” – very different to how her own mum described Hilary as a baby – she admits being a mum is a “fine balance,” People magazine reports.

Happily back in the gym, Hilary has been taking part in spinning classes, the Belfast Telegraph reports. But it’s more for the endorphins than worrying about losing her baby weight the star insists. “I’m not stressing about it. I’m working out because I honestly missed it during my pregnancy,” Hilary reportedly told Us Weekly.

But it seems there’s one thing Hilary and husband Mike Comrie can’t agree on – whether Luca has started smiling yet. Hilary told People magazine, “My husband keeps telling me it’s gas and I’m like, ‘No, he loves us so much, he’s already smiling’.”

And it seems Hilary continues to be baffled by the whole concept of pregnancy. Yesterday Hils tweeted, “Still can’t believe this little guy was all scrunched up inside my belly!!” Aww!


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