Holby City star talks frankly about motherhood and breastfeeding

Tina Hobley opens up about life as a mother

Tina Hobley, 38, spoke to Hello! Magazine about life as a mother-of-two since the birth of her second daughter, one-year-old daughter, Olivia.


She spoke from her home in the Cotswolds with her husband, Oliver Wheeler, about making time for each other.

Tina said: “I don’t think Olivia has massively changed our relationship other than Oliver is smitten with another woman. He adores her, and rightly so. But I don’t think because you have kids it means the end of your life together as a couple. We make sure we have time on our own.”

Tina spoke about her choices when Olivia was born, she said: ““I didn’t breastfed, I did about three weeks mixed and then Olivia was bottlefed. That wasn’t because I was worried about having saggy boobs, I simply chose not to.

“I didn’t feel pressurised into doing it for health benefits because I am not fully convinced of that argument. And touch wood, Olivia has hardly had a sick day since she was born.”


She also spoke about getting back in shape after the birth. Tina said: “It is really and truly all down to rushing around and being busy. I am not disciplined at all. When I have some free time, I don’t want to be stuck in a gym, I want to be out and about with my girls.”

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