Holly Willoughby loves the ‘chaos’ of being a mum of 3

The Surprise Surprise presenter tweeted through Chester’s night feed at 1.39am


Holly Willoughby, who gave birth to baby Chester last month, has admitted she actually likes the chaos her kids cause. Which is just as well seeing as she now has 3 of them. As well as 1-month-old Chester, Holly is mum to Harry, 5, and 3-year-old Belle.


“I like the chaos that comes with it,” she told What’s On TV. “I like that feeling of being in the house, stuff everywhere, running around trying to get everybody ready! I’m taking a year off This Morning, but if and when things get too much, that’s when I’ll change things.”

Surprise Surprise returned to our screens this Wednesday, but had actually been filmed before Holly gave birth. Watching from home, Holly tried her best to tweet throughout the show, which had been recorded before she gave birth. However, baby Chester had other ideas!

“Just feeding Chester so can’t tweet!!! He timed it perfectly! Hope you’re enjoying,” she tweeted.

And the 33-year-old made sure she gave a little wave to fellow mums on Twitter the night before too.

“Morning fellow feeding mummy’s *yawn* x,” she tweeted at 1:39am.

But despite the late nights, Holly is clearly thrilled to be a mum again.

“Still can’t believe little Chester is here!” she tweeted.

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