Hollywood actor’s wife pops placenta pills!

Could this be the next A-list craze from across the pond?

Actor Taye Diggs of Grey’s Anatomy and Ally McBeal fame has ‘fessed up to his wife India’s birth secret – she’s made her placenta into tablets.


This rather bizarre idea is growing in popularity in the states and was suggested by the couple’s doula in an antenatal class.

“During one of the classes she said: ‘we can make the placenta into tablets you can take each day.’ I looked at my wife thinking ‘are you crazy?’”

But for wife India the idea was no laughing matter, and she arranged for her afterbirth to be made into pills following the birth of the couple’s first child, Walker Nathaniel.


And has the actor got over his shock? Apparently not, as new dad Taye admits to be being too scared to ask his wife if she’s even taking them!

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